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TE Capital APP 9 Ball 2023

Following the highly successful Asian Pool Federation (APF) Asian 9-Ball Open of 2022, the event is set to return for a second year running. Organised by the Asian Pool Promotions (APP) - the commercial arm of the APF, the "TE Capital APP 9-Ball 2023" Championship will be a World Nineball Tour (WNT) ranking event that awards pro athletes with the prestigious World Nineball and APF ranking points.

The event is set to take place from November 29 to December 3 2023 at the Aspire Recreation Centre, Singapore under the sanction of Matchroom Pool.

The TE Capital APP 9-Ball 2023 championship is an professional level open event for athletes from all genders in the Asian region and beyond. Athletes will have the opportunity to climb the World Nineball Tour Rankings with a prize fund of over US$38,000 on the line.

Conducted under the WNT event rules, the tournament sees the likes of home favourite Aloysius Yapp, World Pool Masters and defending champion Ko Pin Yi, World Cup of Pool winners James Aranas and Johann Chua, and many more compete for glory against the best Asia have to offer.

As part of the World Nineball Tour, points earned in 2022 by the likes of Ko and Chua afforded players some of the biggest opportunities on the calendar this year with the latter seizing his chance at the World Cup of Pool where Bad Koi tasted victory for the Philippines whilst Ko claimed the World Pool Masters title for the first time.

Yapp said: “The inaugural edition was a great success last year and it was brilliant to see so many top players from our region coming out to play in my home country, Singapore. I am excited to get going again later this year and hopefully gain some World Nineball Tour ranking points which will open up many opportunities in 2024.”

Dominic Pan from the Asian Pool Promotions said: “Building on the success of last year’s inaugural APF Asian 9 ball event, we proudly bring pool fans our next installment, the TE Capital APP 9-Ball Open 2023. This championship promises a captivating showcase of thrilling excitement as Asia’s best cuesports athletes vie for glory and honor on the worsted battlefield.”

Terence Teo of title sponsor TE Capital said: “As part of a commitment to raising interest and promoting Cuesports in Singapore and around the world, TE Capital Partners and Matchroom collaborate to present the upcoming App 9-ball Championships. With this sponsorship and a shared vision, we hope that a major event like this will attract foreign players to our Shores which will help to further raise interest and recognition of Pool and in turn Cuesports in Singapore. We hope this will encourage pool enthusiasts to participate and be part of the live event and to also inspire our youths to pick up the sport!”

TE Capital Partners is a uniquely positioned real estate investment and fund management firm, equipped with development management capabilities that focus on APAC real estate markets like Singapore, Australia, and Japan.

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Registration and broadcast details can be found on and APF facebook page.


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