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TE CAPITAL to Become Title Sponsor for APP 9-Ball 2023

TE Capital

TE Capital Partners, a uniquely positioned real estate investment and fund management firm, equipped with development management capabilities that focuses on APAC real estate markets like Singapore, Australia and Japan, will be the title sponsor for the Asian Pool Promotion's (APP) 9-Ball championship event.

The "TE Capital APP 9-Ball 2023" Championship is a continuation of the highly successful APF Asian 9-Ball Open 2022 which was broadcasted live across the world via Singtel, Astro, TVRI, VTV Cab, Huya, Zhongguo Tiyu, Weibo, Matchroom Pool and Asian Pool Federation (APF) Facebook and Youtube channels, and will be held in Singapore from 29 November to 3 Dec.

With the hope of promoting Cuesports in Singapore and bringing more awareness and recognition to the Sport, TE Capital Partners will be collaborating with APP in this event with Matchroom Pool sanctioning the championship under the World Nineball Tour framework.

With this sponsorship and a common vision, TE Capital Partners hopes that a major event will attract foreign players to our shores which will further raise interest and recognition of Pool and in turn Cuesports in Singapore. We hope the competition will attract pool enthusiasts to enter the competition and to come and watch great matches live as well as to inspire youths to come watch and pick up the sport!

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